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New Gmail function

I’ve just got this e-mail from Google informing me about the new Gmail function wich will allow us to send e-mail to people we dont even know, or at least do not have their e-mail address stored.

This is the e-mail that just showed up in my inbox.

New Gmail function: Reach more people you know

Ever wanted to email someone that you know, but haven’t yet exchanged email addresses? Starting this week, when you’re composing a new email, Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients, even if you haven’t exchanged email addresses yet.

How it works with email addresses

Emailing Google+ connections works a bit differently to protect the privacy of email addresses. Your email address isn’t visible to your New Gmail FunctionGoogle+ connections until you send them an email, and their email addresses are not visible to you until they respond.

Receiving emails from people outside your circles

If you receive an email from someone outside your circles, it will be filtered into the Social category of the inbox (if enabled) and they will only be able to start another conversation with you once you’ve responded or added them to your circles.

How to control who can contact you

You’re in control of whether people can reach you with a new setting in Gmail on the desktop. To learn more, visit the Help Centre.

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