New Gmail function

I’ve just got this e-mail from Google informing me about the new Gmail function wich will allow us to send e-mail to people we dont even know, or at least do not have their e-mail address stored.

This is the e-mail that just showed up in my inbox.

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Min nettside er nede!

Min Nettside Er Nede!

Min nettside er nede. Kan du restarte serveren? Denne situasjonen er ganske kjent for de som har jobbet med support i et hosting selskap! Veldig ofte er det slik at konsulenter eller salgsmedarbeidere ringer inn og ber om hjelp fordi…

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Who can look up your timeline is gone

Removing ‘Who can look up your timeline by name’.

Who can look up your timeline
I got this pop-up window today informing me that Facebook will remove the ‘Who can look up your timeline’ function. That means that everyone will now be able to search on Facebook and find you, with the difference that you will have to be aware of what you promote and post to the ‘Public’. The best way to do that is by visitng your Privacy Settings and change your settings according to your preferances.

The announcement was stated as follows

We’re going to be removing an old Facebook setting called “Who can look up your Timeline by name.” We’d like to give you more info about this change.
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Start a business from home

Interesting Advice for Starting a Business   Recently I encouraged my 13-year-old daughter Maia to start a vegan cupcake business, and it’s so exciting to watch her get started. As I talked to her about starting, she had some worries:…

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