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Surprisingly enough I received today this e-mail from RSS Graffiti. It looks like Twitter is not learning from their mistakes and keeps going in to a wrong direction. We all love Twitter due to the fact that by sharing an article in Twitter we can in the same time post it in our FB Timeline or Page. What do we do now? Do they really want us to choose sides and even take action on that? Are they politely showing us the exit door … or is this part of their strategy? What strategy?

They have also changed their policy when it comes to publish tweets to our LinkedIn account. Read the article further down regarding LinkedIn and how LinkedIn News Feed it is becoming the new trend. It has always been my favorite one …






—–Original Message—–
From: <>
Date: 9 Oct 2012 07:33:46 -0700
To: Gregory Gjini <removed to avoid spam>
Subject: RSS Graffiti will no longer support Twitter sources

Due to Twitter’s recent policy changes, RSS Graffiti will no longer be able to post tweets to Facebook. Beginning Monday, October 15th, any Twitter sources you may have added to the RSS Graffiti dashboard will be automatically disabled. This only affects the <2% of users who’ve added Twitter as a publishing plan source.

Please understand the RSS Graffiti team is still very much dedicated to helping you streamline and automate your social presence, but Twitter’s new policy has left us no legal alternative but to disable this feature. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a line in our forum:


The rise of LinkedIn’s news feed


Last week I was reading one of my industry news sources and an article caught my attention. I wanted to let my friends know about the piece so, as usual, I went to tweet about it. And that’s when I noticed this:

There were more people posting the article to LinkedIn than there were people tweeting about it.

And that’s when the sledgehammer hit me. Twitter has a huge new competitor with the potential to swamp them, particularly in one critical area. And, it is all of their own making.

Back in July Twitter announced that it was no longer going to allow users to post tweets automatically to LinkedIn. Twitter gave us the usual gumpf about wanting to “provide the core Twitter user experience through a consistent set of products and tools”. What Twitter really meant to say was, “We don’t want anyone reading tweets where we can’t put ads”.

By denying Linkedin users the ability to post tweets to LinkedIn, Twitter has forced users to make a choice. Do I post to LinkedIn (where I can also check a box to tweet)? Or do I do both? The choice is easy.

The forced change is more fundamental. Your audience on LinkedIn is made up of people you have met in your working life together with other industry people that might catch your post. Your audience on Twitter could be just about anyone and more than likely it is people you have not met.

It is therefore far more valuable for a user to post on LinkedIn as people that have a connection to them are much more likely to read their post.

Twitter also did LinkedIn another huge favor. By denying users the ability to post tweets it cleaned up the LinkedIn news feed. No more voluminous irrelevant tweets, hashtags and @symbols cluttering up LinkedIn news feeds. Feeds are now full of relevant engaging posts because LinkedIn user’s post stuff they think will be relevant to their audience – that is the personal connections they have as a result of belonging to an industry.

LinkedIn is going to overtake Twitter (and very quickly) in terms of importance and volume for users posting industry related news. Twitter may still dominate the ‘what I had for breakfast’, general and social news posts but the audience for industry news will move to LinkedIn. And guess which is more valuable to an advertiser?

On LinkedIn an advertiser can reach an audience who have real and extensive profiles and have like connections in the same industry. And they can even use a standard IAB display unit to get their message across. On Twitter it’s more spray and pray via ad units that do not easily lend themselves to brand messaging.

We will never know whether Twitter realized what they were unleashing by cutting LinkedIn off, or for that matter whether LinkedIn knew what a gift they were being handed.

It’s too late now. Twitter cannot put the genie back in the bottle. LinkedIn is going to steal away the most important segment of users: real identifiable people with loads of other like people connected to them. And advertisers love those people.

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