Who can look up your timeline is gone

Removing ‘Who can look up your timeline by name’.

Who can look up your timeline
I got this pop-up window today informing me that Facebook will remove the ‘Who can look up your timeline’ function. That means that everyone will now be able to search on Facebook and find you, with the difference that you will have to be aware of what you promote and post to the ‘Public’. The best way to do that is by visitng your Privacy Settings and change your settings according to your preferances.

The announcement was stated as follows

We’re going to be removing an old Facebook setting called “Who can look up your Timeline by name.” We’d like to give you more info about this change.

What’s changing

We’re removing an old search setting called “Who can look up your Timeline by name”—but this won’t change who can see what you’ve shared on Facebook.

What did this setting do?

“Who can look up your Timeline by name” controlled who could find your Timeline by typing your name in search.

What will happen when the setting is removed?

Anyone will be able to look up your Timeline by your name — but if they go to your Timeline, they’ll only see what they already have permission to see. Removing this setting doesn’t change who can see your photos, status updates or other things you’ve shared.

Why is Facebook removing this setting?

When we created this setting, the only way to find you on Facebook was to search for your specific name. Now, people can come across your Timeline in other ways: for example if a friend tags you in a photo, which links to your Timeline, or if people search for phrases like “People who like The Beatles,” or “People who live in Seattle,” in Graph Search.
Today, the best way to manage who sees your stuff is to use your Privacy Shortcuts (just click the lock icon at the top of every page of the Facebook website), and to choose who to share with when you post new photos and updates.

What’s next?

You’ll have more chances to review this info before the setting is removed—we’ll remind you on Facebook.

Want to review your privacy choices now?

Here are some things you can do:
  • If you want to quickly limit the audience of things you’ve shared in the past to Friends, visit your privacy settings.
  • Each time you share a photo, link or status update, you can set the privacy for that specific post.
  • Check out what you’ve shared in the past—and who can see that info—by going to your activity log. To get to your activity log, click the lock icon at the top of any page to open your privacy shortcuts.


Thanks for taking the time to read this message and for being part of Facebook.

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