Strategies for successful sales

4 Strategies for Painless Sales

How do we want our customer to feel when they meet with us? That’s the key to our sales strategy.

Strategies for succesful sales

I just kicked out another pair of solicitors from our office suite. Nicely, of course.

The young man and woman were well dressed, polite and trying to whip up some charming banter with me before launching into their spiel about printing solutions. I felt badly for them, and give them credit for taking a tough job in tough economic times, but I’m also annoyed they interrupted my 2:30 pm at-my-desk lunch to sell something we already have.

How do we make our clients feel?

Their visit made me think about my own small business. I wondered: How do we make our clients feel? Unlike my competitors, my company never cold calls or shows up at an office unannounced. Mostly, we’ll contact our corporate colleagues and then we’ll listen. Sometimes they vent about their crummy job or don’t have time to talk because their hair is on fire — which is exactly when we can help. Our sales strategy isn’t complex, but it’s very effective: Be there when it’s hitting the fan.

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